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How to publish

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Publish in HTML 5 format

In true HTML5 format

The first HTML5 viewer in the world with animated pages in responsive design. HTML5 is the latest HTML standard, and no Adobe Flash player is required by your readers. Copy the web link (url) and insert on your web page or e-mail as a hyperlink from a text link or an image - The system will automatically display your e-publication on any PC, MAC, smartphone, or tablet in HTML5.

Embed in iFrame

An iFrame can be very effective when used appropriately and will allow you to display e-publications inside your web site template or blog. Simply insert height and width and copy the code to your web page or blog. Please note, that your domain (url) will be visible and not the UniFlip domain (url). If you have problems, please consult your webmaster, web designer, or media agency to get help.

UniFlip - Publish in HTML5

Publish in Flash format

Insert the weblink

Copy and insert the web link (url) on your web page or e-mail as a hyperlink from a text link or an image. The system will automatically display your e-publication in HTML5 format on smartphones and tablet PC.


Copy the iFrame code and embed in your web site. Change sizes and functionality inside the iFrame.

UniFlip - Publish in Flash

Download all files

Activate a license and download all files for online and offline publishing.

  • "Click "Download all files"
  • Wait a few minutes - The system will prepare the zip-file (
  • Important: Do NOT close the browser window during the process
  • If you have problems downloading the zip-file, check your pop-up blocker, internet connection and firewall
  • Save the zip-folder on your computer
  • Extract the file before you can start working with the folder.

Remember:Once you have downloaded the files, they are yours free and clear, and you do not need to pay any renewal fee for the specific e-publication. Publish unlimited without linking to UniFlip domain (url), and publish offline (Flash version only) (DVD, CD, USB, PC, MAC) without any internet connection.

Download your UniFlip

Publish from your own server

You must have access to the web domain and FTP upload. The process is easy and available to all domain owners without installing any server software.

  • Unzip the downloaded zip file to get access to all files
  • Place the downloaded folder on your web server / hosting by FTP upload
  • Publish in HTML5 from a web site / hosting: Insert a web link to the html5.html file from an image or a text link
  • Publish in Flash from a web site / hosting: Insert a web link to the index.html file from an image or a text link
  • Publish in HTML5 inside an iFrame, social media, or blog you must use the html5.html file
  • Publish in Flash inside an iFrame, social media, or blog you must use the uniflip.swf file - UniFlip can be renamed

There are no Web server service restrictions, as you do not need to install any software on your CMS or web hosting.

Consult your Webmaster to get help, if you do not have experience in uploading files via FTP and need more informations.

Connect to Facebook

Step 1 - Connect to Facebook:
Create a connection the first time, you want to connect UniFlip to your Facebook page..
REMEMBER: Check your pop-up blocker in the browser and accept the UniFlip FB app on your FB page, and you must have FB administrator rights to connect.

Step 2 - Create the Facebook app:
Create a Facebook application for your e-publication(s)
Please note - You only need to create the FB App the first time you connect.
REMEMBER to check your pop-up blocker and follow the FB instructions!

Step 3 - Get people to LIKE your page:
Click to start getting more likes on your Facebook page in less than 30 seconds.
See an example here: UniFlip Facebook sample

UniFlip - Connect to your Facebook

Publish on your Facebook page

Publish the e-publication on your Facebook page:

Choose a specific Facebook page, if you have more than one active Facebook page. Remember, when you update the e-publication, your Facebook page will automatically be updated.

Delete an e-publication from your Facebook page:

Click "Delete from my Facebook page" and the e-publication will be removed from your Facebook page.

UniFlip - Connect to your Facebook
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